For many years while pastoring, I ordered tracts for my church that were popular among fundamental Bible-believing churches.  However, I was concerned that most tracts I used or knew about either (1) didn't mention repentance at all (even though Christ and the apostles preached repentance for salvation), (2) barely mentioned it, but didn't clearly define it to the unsaved reader, or (3) inadequately or incorrectly defined it.  Check out the tracts you use!  Also, most tracts didn't give the plan of salvation in every point from the Old Testament to appeal to Jews as well as the New Testament to appeal to Gentiles.

     I wanted a tract that would do both and that is why I wrote this tract.  This emphasis on and thorough definition of repentance, and the appeal to both to Jews and Gentiles for every point in the plan of salvation make this a unique tract.  Since we often give tracts to people without realizing that some of them are Jewish, it is very important to use a tract that appeals to them as well (Rom. 1:16).

     A Christian graphics artist helped me by designing an attractive 4-color layout with large print to make the tract as attractive, readable, and eye appealing as possible for the unsaved.  Then, I had a large quantity printed to get the price per tract lower than most comparable tracts. Compare the prices of this full-color tract to the prices you have been paying for other full-color tracts you use!

     As we and others we minister to go about our daily routines, we should literally be prepared and looking for opportunities to give the Gospel to the lost. Before leaving our homes each day for work, school, errands, or other responsibilities we should fill our shirt pockets or purses with tracts so that we are prepared for those golden opportunities that we encounter everyday, to give out tracts rather than passing these opportunities up. Do not leave home without them! Without a doubt, the quickest, easiest, and most practical way for personal evangelism and soul winning is by passing out gospel tracts everywhere!  For these reasons, I hope you will seriously consider using this tract. Thank you!

Yours for Souls,

Jim Bray  
Author of the “100% Sure” tract