County Fair “Gospel Truth Booth

Hi Jim,
I have told you before in previous conversations how well your tract fits in the work we are doing at the Washington County Fair where we have what we call a Gospel Truth Booth. We are currently in the middle of that annual event. It will end Sunday night. It extends from Thursday through Sunday from 10:00AM to 11:00PM each day. Attendance at the fair runs over half a million people. Our booth is located close to the main entrance and adjacent to the food vendors. Needless to say, many people pass by our way. It is marketplace evangelism where the people come to you at the booth rather than you going to them as you would in “door-to-door” visitation. We will put out over 1000 of your tracts in four days, and they fit very nicely into the theme we have on the back wall of our booth. I normally start by introducing people to our “three doors” centerpiece which is entitled “Three things God cannot do.” That draws their attention. Door one states that “God cannot lie”; door two states that “God cannot change.” They all agree to those two statements. Then they go to door three that states “God cannot ignore sin.” From there, I will point to the backdrop banner and ask them, “How sure are you about going to Heaven? 100% sure, 75% sure, 50% sure?” I follow that up with a brief explanation of the plan of salvation and hand them one of your tracts. In four years of doing this, I have never seen one tract on the ground or in the trash. That’s because they are the ones asking for more information and the tract; we are not forcing it on them as might happen in tract distribution. We do not promote the church, although we have our address on the back. We promote Jesus Christ and His eternal gift through our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. I just thought you might be interested. Thanks for your tract. Only in Glory will we find the full impact of what you have designed.
Pastor Gil Hansen, Sr.
Mount View Baptist Temple, Tualatin, OR

Gospel Truth BoothGospel Truth Booth Banner

Street Evangelism

Street EvangelismHere is another ministry that we use your tract exclusively for. We call it “Street Evangelism.” It is a ministry to the “homeless” in downtown Portland, Oregon. Once a month on a Saturday morning, we take our church bus to downtown Portland, which has many “homeless” people. We just want to give them sandwiches, water and coffee, and needed clothing such as socks, caps, coats, blankets, etc. It’s surprising what businesses will give in support of such a venture. We have a dentist office in Tualatin that donates tooth brushes and toothpaste, for example. A restaurant donates coffee. Most importantly, we want to give them God’s Word. That is where your tract comes in. It’s perfect for this type of ministry. I have attached a photo of our team in Portland with our cart that we transport on the bus, ready to get started. Thought you might be interested.
Sincerely for the cause of Christ,
Pastor Gil Hansen, Sr.
Mount View Baptist Temple, Tualatin, OR

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