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BIBLE PROPHECY, CHARTS, AND SCRIPTURE GUIDE (click here to see a sample.)   ($19.95 ea.)

Completely revised and enlarged (in June 2014), this 80-page book by Rev. Jim L. Bray is endorsed by the famed author and prophecy expert Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost. It is perfect for Bible college professors, pastors, or Sunday School teachers who can use it as a textbook, supplement to a textbook, or guide for teaching prophecy or eschatology, and it is extremely helpful to Bible college students or church members for learning about Bible prophecy. This book summarizes and visualizes (with charts) the complex subject of Bible prophecy and eschotology in only 80 pages, which otherwise could only be learned after studying literally hundreds of pages in a large textbook. In addition, the color-coded charts make it much easier to remember the correct order of the prophetic events as they occur (since most people can remember a visual chart of prophecy better than many pages of a large textbook). The book now includes the following information:

  • Full-color charts with red numbered footnotes which refer to the “Scripture Guide” section
  • Scripture Guide with the same footnote numbers, giving explanations and over 900 Scriptures completely written out
  • NEW! 5 separate and magnifiedSECTIONAL CHARTS (showing the “Advanced Chart” in enlarged sections)
  • NEW! 20-PAGE “BIBLE PROPHECY” SECTION in the front of the book which includes:
    • The Importance of Prophecy
    • Methods of Interpreting Prophecy (The Allegorical Method versus [our method] the Literal Method
    • Principles for Interpreting Prophecy (Nine hermeneutical rules for interpreting Scripture)
    • Covenants That Help Interpret Prophecy (The Abrahamic, Palestinian, Davidic, and New Covenants)
    • Covenant Theology versus Dispensational Theology (and why we believe Dispensational Theology)
    • The Five Major Rapture Views (Partial, Mid-trib., Pre-wrath, Post-trib., and [our view] Pre-trib.)
    • The There Major Millennial Views (Post-millennial, Amillennial, and [our view] (Pre-millennial)
    • The Two Major Types of Prophecy (General Prophecy and Messianic Prophecy)

"Super-Simplified" Prophecy Chart & Guide  ($2.00 ea.)

"Simplified" Prophecy Chart & Guide   ($3.00 ea.)

"He That Goeth Forth" Soulwinning and Missions Song   ($2.00 ea.)

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