A vinyl CHECKBOOK COVER (which you can get free from any bank) makes an excellent "TRACT WALLET" to carry your “daily dozen” tracts in your pocket or purse for quick access each time you see an opportunity to give one out.  This tract wallet will allow men to always carry tracts with them in their hip pocket, and especially when wearing a shirt that has no shirt pocket for carrying tracts.  It will allow women to always have tracts with them in their purses and keep them in good condition, even if their purses get "overstuffed" at times!  Your tract wallet is the “fishing pole” you need to “cast out” God’s Word that’s essential in catching “souls for Jesus”!  If you follow Christ and others as “fishers of men”, then “go ye into all” your “world” both pre-prayed and PREPARED while looking for opportunities to give out tracts from your…   

TRACT WALLET”!   Remember:  Don’t leave home without it!”   GO YE -- PREPARED!