The SIMPLER VERSION, easier to set up (especially for those less knowledgeable about internet terms and formats) is a SINGLE-PAGE FORMAT (non-interactive) which shows ALL 8 PANELS of the tract on ONE PAGE, and immediately visible to anyone visiting your internet site. To download, simply (a) click the “DOWNLOAD” button, and (b) place it wherever you want on your internet site. This version of the tract will require cropping.
The ADVANCED VERSION (requiring a little more knowledge of internet terms and formats) is the same tract, but a TWO-PAGE FORMAT (interactive) which shows the FIRST 4 PANELS of the tract on PAGE ONE (with a note below saying “Click on the right side of the image to view the next page”) and the SECOND 4 PANELS on PAGE TWO. To use, follow the instructions below.

The FACEBOOK VERSION, The button below will allow you to download each of the eight separate panels of the "100% Sure of Heaven" as eight consecutive images tract for display on peer-to-peer web albums such as Facebook.

Missionaries in foreign countries wanting a very large quantity of our tracts can save the high cost of shipping them from the U.S. if you’ll contact Jim Bray and make a small payment to receive (1) the permission to print a specific quantity there in your country, and (2) the password necessary to download the printable files (below) you’ll need to print them there. Contact Jim Bray at or by calling 704-466-9119 in the U.S. for the permission and password.

For 10,000 tracts or more, it’s probably much less expensive to receive permission to reprint the tract in your country and save about $250 to $500 or more by not having to pay shipping or handling charges, so your tracts cost you 30% to 50% less, even after paying for your printing cost there! Even if you feel you can’t afford or don’t need 10,000 tracts yourself, you could contact other missionaries about all of you going in together and splitting the cost of printing 10,000 or more tracts at a printer right there in your own country. (Example: If five missionaries wanted 2,000 tracts each, they could agree to go in together to print 10,000 tracts and split the cost between the five of them. Then they’d save $224 by not having to pay the normal shipping and handling fee to have the tracts shipped to them from the U.S.(see $224 on the “Shipping and Handling” chart!) By printing the tract in their own country, they’d each save $45 on the total cost of their 2,000 tracts!) However,, for less than 10,000 tracts, it’s probably less expensive to have already-printed tracts shipped to you from the U.S.

The tract is currently available in English (and in Spanish). For any other language translation, you may contact us to request permission for any Independent Baptist missionary to make a translation into your country’s language. Then he can receive the permission and password to print a specific number of the tracts there. If there's no good quality printing available in your country, you can contact us for instructions, send us the translation as an email attachment and pay to have us do the layout and printing here in the U.S., and to have the tracts shipped to your location. Tracts are shipped in U.S. Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes and take 6-10 business days for delivery anywhere in the world. Contact us for approximate prices.