The “Large Ad Tract” has 3 times as much room (in height) for a church ad as does the “Small Ad Tract”, and it’s printed in full color with any combination of photos, logos, maps, &/or text you might want! The text of the custom imprint can include church information such as seen on the “Small Ad Tract” sample (church name, address, phone number(s), email, names of pastors, times of services, etc.)

Unlike the “Small Ad Tract”, the text in the layout for the “Large Ad Tract” is not limited to 10 lines or less. Any combination of photos, logos, maps and/or text is allowed in the layout up to an overall maximum size of 3 ¾ inches high by 2 ¼ inches wide. Once you’ve completed your layout, print it out on your printer and measure it with a ruler to be sure the imprint layout does not exceed these dimensions. In order to insure the best quality reproduction (especially with photos), the layout must be sent to us on a 300- or 350-dpi pdf file. (Files at least 300 dpi provide the best quality for printing, so don’t use any dpi setting less than 300.)

Be SURE to CAREFULLY PROOFREAD your imprint layout before sending it to us, since we’ll print it exactly the way you sent it to us. If you discover after your tracts are printed that there was an error in the layout you sent us, we can’t refund your money or reprint them at our expense since it was your fault (unless you agree to pay for the cost of new tracts and imprint charges again.)