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“Thank you so much for the use of your tract. We pray that there will be fruit from it on our website. Thought you might be interested in looking at our new website. The address is Again, thank you for your permission to use the tract.”

Pine Level Baptist Church; Starke, FL

“In the future, your ‘100% Sure’ Tract will be a constant companion of mine. Thanks for such a thorough presentation of God's plan of salvation! I appreciate your careful inclusion of repentance.”

D. R., Belmont, NC

“GOSPEL TRACTS – Over the years I have had a hard time finding gospel tracts. Some are too wordy and do not use enough Scripture. Others leave out the resurrection and/or do not mention repentance. Some use a version other than the KJV, are too expensive, or do not look nice. In the mail today I received a gospel tract entitled, “How to Be 100% Sure of Heaven.” What a wonderful tract! Jim Bray, ( has put together an attractive 4-color tract dealing with the need for repentance in the salvation process. He also uses both the Old and New Testament Scriptures, extensively in every point, to share the gospel so both the Jew and Gentile can come to know Christ as Messiah and Saviour. The tracts are also very affordable and he even gives a discount to Bible College students and Missionaries! I have never met Mr. Bray, but this is one of the best gospel tracts I have seen so far. You can get information on ordering tracts from his website, mentioned above, or call him at (704) 466-9119.”

Pastor D. C., Chewelah, WA (and editor of News for the Flock Newsletter)

“Brother Bray,
We praise the Lord for using you to make these glorifying tracts. We are coming down to the last of 1,000 that we purchased from you in July. We would like we order another 1,000. We were able to...give samples to many pastors at the I.F.F.B. conference...We gave a bunch to our pastor and he said that he liked them very much and would be interested...Sarah...even put some in balloons and sent them soaring into the air with her helium tank we got her for her birthday. She has an e-mail for this ministry: .”

J. & M. F., Warwick, N. Y.

“Dear Mr. Bray,
I really would like more of these tracts...this is the absolute best tract I have seen & read.”

D. D., Gainesville, GA

“Mr. Bray,
The new tract that you have written has been a blessing...When I showed it to my parents, they thought that this was the best tract that they have read.”

K. G., Scobey, MT