Jim L. Bray attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina in 1965 and graduated from the Institute of Christian Service there in 1970. After graduation, he served full-time as Youth Pastor under Dr. Curtis Hutson in Decatur, Georgia, and later moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he served as Youth Pastor and Assistant Pastor in two churches for nearly 20 years. Then, he served as the Pastor of 35th Avenue Baptist Church in Phoenix for over 12 years. In addition to his ministerial training at Bob Jones University and over 30 years of pastoral experience, he studied at International Baptist College in Tempe, Arizona and at Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, North Carolina (founded by the Evangelist, Dr. Ron Comfort.) He graduated from Ambassador with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree and has done some graduate study there as well.

     He has written the gospel tract, "How to Be 100% Sure of Heaven", a 52-page book entitled Bible Prophecy Charts and Scripture Guide (recommended by Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost, nationally-known author and seminary professor), and a gospel song, "He That Goeth Forth", a song based on Psalm 126:5-6 and published by Bob Jones University's "SoundForth" music publishing company.

     After 33 years of marriage, his wife, Dana, went to be with the Lord on December 19, 2004. His three children (John, Steve, and Sarah) are all serving the Lord and working in various ministries.